About Me

My favorite college professor once told me that I have a “labyrinthine mind,” and I took it as a compliment (I’m also fairly certain it was meant as such). I like to think deeply about interesting projects, working out as many details as I can. This often leads to a lot of intricate planning aids, like 3D models, endless color swatches and thorough spreadsheets.

As much as I truly enjoy the planning phase, at the end of the day what really makes me happy is being able to point at something and say “I made that.” It doesn’t have to be earth-shatteringly innovative; I just like to see all the planning result in something.

Maybe it’s no surprise that my love of creating things translates directly to my current hobbies. Having bought an old house, I’ve got no shortage of carpentry projects to puzzle out, and I’ve recently gotten really interested in wood turning. I also make hard apple cider from some old apple trees on our property, which is an undertaking of delicious depth and complexity.

So, that’s me: a guy who loves to plan out the making of things, and then see them made. If you have a project that I might be a good fit for, please get in touch!